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Where To Talk To Women Besides the Bar? Here are Three Options!

You might think the bar is the only place where you’ll get a chance to talk to women. But truth be told, you could always talk to women wherever you area. You won’t encounter women on a daily basis, to be honest but the ones you see walk right past you, that’s a missed chance.

Take for example a library or bookstore. You could talk to women by implicating that you’re a new guy in the library and you’re looking for a good section. If you think she’ll butt you out and direct you to the librarian, don’t think that. Say that the librarian is missing or busy.

Another way is when you’re in class or when you’re hanging out somewhere where there’s a woman who usually stays there.

Another way is to talk to them when you’re waiting in line. Both of you are looking for some light entertainment. How great can it be when it comes from another person?

All these and more in this video!


There are so many online dating sites that are reliable enough and even supports you to get yourself a dating partner. But how safe is it? Now there are a lot of testimonies that give proof to this matter, but one serious tip should be taken, and that is not to sign up for membership which needs fees or money to get everything started. This is to ensure your safety and also for your online privacy will be protected. Remember, never ever rush things up.

Now there are so many trusted and registered online dating sites out there today that you can register to, and the best part is, some are one hundred percent free. To get a date through online is pretty easy, once you have created an account and displayed your interest on your profile, you can wait for notifications from people who are willing to get in touch with you or just look for some possible people that you can meet and date with.

Few things need to be remembered always when doing online dating, always be nice and never tolerate fights and other mischievous comments and conversations from people. Try to ignore them all as best as you can to protect yourself, the more you ignore them, the more you are respected by others that already know who you really are and the more respect you gain for yourself. For more tips, watch the video below.

SUITING UP FOR YOUR DATE: Tip Tops on How to Look Good on Your Date

The best part of the date is where you get to send friends which actually know the girl you are looking for then arranging a blind date, which is drastically fun. But one of the few things you’ll have to think about is the way you should suit or dress up on your blind date, this is where two things come in, taste and style. One general rule should be followed and you might stick to it as well, and that is to never overdress yourself.

One typical example is a setting of a night scheduled blind date setup by friend for their loving marine officer. Of course, the best way to dress for a serviceman would be his uniform colored with badges matched with his steep posture. That should be the way you’re going to do your’s too. The style is, he showed his professional occupation as a serviceman to the nation rather than dressing up for something else. The way he suited up justifies how simple things can be, and it brings more reality to what you are.

The next thing is to wear you perfume, they say it’s the kind of personality that everyone can smell. Just put a small amount and never overdo. The more the gentler the smell, the more the better. So, remember those tips, never dress up like you’re macho man or going to a halloween party. Be simple, dress moderately and be confident.

Dating Has Become Horrifying And Technology Is Not To Blame

Many blame that romanticism has died. While earlier versions of penpals have created some great poetry to help women remember the men who sent them as they wait for the next message’s after four to six months, today’s Tinder and social media networks make responses easy. Like everything served on a plate abundantly, it’s easy to get full and throw away the rest afterwards.

Vanity Fair recently published an issue that had a headline that talks about “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.” Tinder may just be the new way men are finding women to have sex with.

It is easy to find sex or love on Tinder, whether you’re lucky or not. You find some singles near your area and if you like each other, you get to talk to each other. The premium version allows you to talk to people who like you without them liking you, which makes you look like some desperate male or female looking for a companion or someone to just have sex with.

Sex. That is the term to watch out for. Sex has become prevalent in the modern era and smartphone technology is an animator of sorts.

Don’t believe me? Plenty of other lewd messenger services are available today and they’re selling extremely well. Their premium features are skyrocketing with revenue yearly. And who’s to blame? Technology right?

Technology dumbing down the rites of love. Technology not making it a challenge to find a great venue. Daters who want to go on quiet dates find it impossible because their quiet sanctuaries are quickly invaded by Google Maps.

If we think about it, it’s just that technology made things easier. It’s just that the man and woman of the world today failed to adapt properly. In turn, technology has made people lazy and dependent on its capabilities to create or do something about their lives. Tinder just added the swipe and add profile function. It never told you that dating is something like this.

In the old days, we all used to meet people through parties. Parties meant lots of potential for finding the right person for you. It wasn’t dating, but rather, socialising. It was through this that men and women’s dating rules were established. Those dating rules today don’t exist anymore.

It’s because people have turned lazy to see each other. It’s because people failed to acknowledge the fact that communications technology should be used to facilitate movement and not the medium to do movement.

In short, daters are shooting technology, the messenger, whereas they are only tools we can use to help uplift our lives.

It is today that efforts are lacking because technology could do it for them. It’s similar to a person who hires a dresser whenever she cannot choose the clothes to wear. Presets is all there is to it and Tinder is a form of preset thinking; one where we just talk with the person and use another preset called online chatting to convince them we like them.

Perhaps it is also because our laziness to go outside because of the internet has made us innately lonely that we blame it whenever we foul-up a supposedly perfect date.